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Norwegian Meatballs

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I have been meaning to post the recipes for these things for quite some time now, so here they are! I cook these meatballs and the sauce at least once a fortnight - they are absolutely delicious and my family love them!
The meatballs are easy to make and with the mixture you get 2 trayfulls so you can freeze them and use them for a quick supper, but if you want to buy meatballs from the supermarket it will save you some time. If you do choose to do this I would recommend going for the smaller Swedish meatballs (I know this kind is available in Tesco and Sainsbury's in the UK, and IKEA do great freezer packs of them too). The sauce is absolutely delicious too, and with quite a mild but distinct flavour, and perfect and filling now it will start to get colder. Again, there are some good packet mixes out there (I love the IKEA ones and have a stash of them in the cupboard!). I would recommend getting hold of some lingonberry sauce/jam to go with it, as it tastes a real treat.

Please note that none of the following recipes are my own, they are from the fantastic book Scandilicious by Signe Johansen.

My dad, the chief taster!

A quicck salad
Cook one peeled and finely chopped onion until soft. When the onion turns translucent, add 1 tbsp ground allspice, 1 level tsp ground nutmeg and 1/2 level tsp ground ginger. Leave to cool.
Pour 225g whole milk mixed with 1 tbsp yoghurt with 3 slices (c.110g) stale white bread. Leave for a few minutes until it's absorbed before adding it to the rest of the mixture. 
Mix together 500g veal mince  and 500g lamb mince (you can really use whatever mince you want, or whatever is in your price range - I can only afford it for special occasions!) with the cooked onion, 1 egg yolk and some salt and pepper. Add the milk and bread mixture and mix it all together. Form into little meatballs with your hands and you're ready to go.
The meatballs can be grilled for 10-15 minutes, or you can pop them in the oven for a similar amount of time (180°C is usually fine).

NOTE: I don't live in a big city and I have no way of getting hold of the ekte geitost mentioned in this recipe. If you're having trouble too, Signe recommends Marmite instead, mixed with a little Crème fraîche and brown sugar.

Bring 1 litre beef/veal stock to the boil and reduce by about half. Add 100ml brandy (if brandy/whiskey is out of your way, you don't have to use any) and simmer until you can't smell any more alcohol. Add  300ml Crème fraîche, 100g grated ekte geitost (Norwegian brown goat's cheese) OR a teaspoon Marmite, a teaspoon or brown sugar and a teaspoon Crème fraîche; and 2tbsp grated dark chocolate/cacao. Season to taste and simmer for a little longer. 
You can mix the meatballs in to the sauce/gravy or serve them seperately.

Bon appetit!

NEXT TIME: Cardamom and almond cake, and Arme riddere cinnamon toast.

Jess xx

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