Monday, 17 December 2012


  •  Some of my current reading material - 1947 film magazines, and the latest edition of The Chap magazine.
  • I bought some red nail varnish in my work break today! Like it?
  • The red highlighted parts on the piece of paper are the books and poetry I have already read for next term. The pink bits… are what I have yet to read…
  • I found Romola Garai’s doppelganger from the ’40s! Barbara Slater!

Jess x

Saturday, 15 December 2012

This week's fifties-fuelled festivities

Evening, all! Today I "waitressed" for a youth club Christmas dinner (and sat down for a delicious meal, too!), so decided to go for a fifties theme. Everything is from a charity shop, apart from the apron, cardigan and shoes.
I hadn't realised how well the green cardigan goes with my pink skirt! I bought the skirt about two years ago from a charity shop in Egham and took the waist in to make it a little more fifties in shape.
A closer look at my hair. I used large rollers to get the shape, but as I only had them in for an hour or so, the curls are a lot more deflated here than they were at the beginning of the night!
I came back from a trip round the charity shops with this bag, which was £4. It is perfect for day-to-day use when I am carrying a book around with me, as my other vintage bags are far too small to accommodate anything other than my purse and phone!
Earlier on this week, I went to university channelling one of my favourite characters from the BBC's '50s newsroom drama 'The Hour' - Lix Storm.
Yesterday was the end of term at university and I went to a party at "Commie Towers", where some of my (leftie) friends live. The festivities went on until 7am, and when the power cut off at 5, they were not deterred. I was, at this time, upstairs and trying to sleep. I felt a little nostalgic for the '40s as there was so much cigarette smoke inside, everything was in a haze... the downside of this being the smell of all of my clothes, which were promptly put into the wash as soon as I got back home.
Ciao for now! Love,
Jess x

Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas is nearly upon us...

Evening, all! Today I went to do a little more Christmas shopping... and ended up spending most of my time in the charity shops. It was a somewhat momentous occasion, as I finally bought what will be either my Christmas or New Year's outfit. I'm not going to show it yet, but it will be revealed in all its glorious detail soon! All I can give away is that there is a bit of a '30s vibe to it all...
So to start off my proper blogging adventures, here's a rather nutty picture of myself, very excited with today's purchases!

I bought this gorgeous little '50s/'60s travelling iron for £6!
Next up was this beautiful necklace, which I found for £2. I don't usually wear jewellery, but I liked this so much I had to get it. The lady serving me in the charity shop and I had a good long chinwag about the glories of 1940s fashion, and she told me a little anecdote about dressing like a '40s girl, with seamed stockings and a cigarette in a holder, back in a party in the '80s. (I might add this necklace to one of my festive outfits, so keep an eye out for it!)
Although I'm spending Christmas with my family this year, who don't drink very much, I picked up some cocktail recipes, which use my favourite of all teas - green - and Chivas Scotch whisky, which I've never tried... yet. Time for a cocktail party!

In the Christmas spirit, I decided to make a start on my dad's Christmas present: 'THE CHAP HAMPER', which is quickly being filled with cider, kettle chips, some 'Old Colonial Shaving Soap' from the Chap Shop, and some 'Man Flu' medicine, which I made from a box of Lemsip turned inside-out.

Jess x