Saturday, 15 December 2012

This week's fifties-fuelled festivities

Evening, all! Today I "waitressed" for a youth club Christmas dinner (and sat down for a delicious meal, too!), so decided to go for a fifties theme. Everything is from a charity shop, apart from the apron, cardigan and shoes.
I hadn't realised how well the green cardigan goes with my pink skirt! I bought the skirt about two years ago from a charity shop in Egham and took the waist in to make it a little more fifties in shape.
A closer look at my hair. I used large rollers to get the shape, but as I only had them in for an hour or so, the curls are a lot more deflated here than they were at the beginning of the night!
I came back from a trip round the charity shops with this bag, which was £4. It is perfect for day-to-day use when I am carrying a book around with me, as my other vintage bags are far too small to accommodate anything other than my purse and phone!
Earlier on this week, I went to university channelling one of my favourite characters from the BBC's '50s newsroom drama 'The Hour' - Lix Storm.
Yesterday was the end of term at university and I went to a party at "Commie Towers", where some of my (leftie) friends live. The festivities went on until 7am, and when the power cut off at 5, they were not deterred. I was, at this time, upstairs and trying to sleep. I felt a little nostalgic for the '40s as there was so much cigarette smoke inside, everything was in a haze... the downside of this being the smell of all of my clothes, which were promptly put into the wash as soon as I got back home.
Ciao for now! Love,
Jess x


  1. That last photo is perfection- I hope to find a perfect chemise like that too! I am assuming you found it in a thrift shop?

  2. I must say, I'm always a little excited to find another vintage blogger who smokes, or at least doesn't hide the fact on their blog!
    I know it's insanely bad for you and shouldn't be promoted, but you would think more vintage enthusiasts would be smokers... But they're not and then I feel like the naughty one smoking behind the bike sheds. So it's good to see its not just me!
    Love your blog girl! X

    1. I know what you mean - it's all so hush hush! I'm trying to kick the habit at the moment, but I bought a cigarette case last week, so it isn't really working... xx