Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Girl Without the Dragon Tattoo (just the hair of Lisbeth Salander)

Top: Zara sale
Jeans: Charity shop, £3.50
Hoodie and jacket: my younger sister's
Rucksack: Fjällraven känken

Time for a change! I chopped a great deal my hair, shaved the sides, and shortened my fringe. I am aware how great a change this is, but I felt I needed this - for now, anyway. I'm not going to go into reasons for my exactly I chose to do so. But I do want to make a comment on the way many people have been viewing this change.
Many friends and family members have looked a little dismayed that I am not (at present) dressing in my '30s and '40s get-up. It is great that they are expressing an interest in what I wear and how I behave, but it really opened my eyes to how people EXPECTED me to dress. I am indeed aware that 1940s attire suits my body shape, and makes me stand out. I am aware this new look makes me stand out. I don't get admiring stares when I go down the street. I get side-glances and strange looks. And this is okay.
What is not okay, however, is the level that I realise people are pressured into dressing a certain way. I have no qualms about being stared at or ignored. I don't feel that dressing as a '50s housewife one day and Lisbeth Salander the next is a scary choice to make. But many people do and this is a sad thing. People will choose not to express themselves fully because of the way other people will look at them. What is so demeaning about a tattoo, or a hoodie, or piercings, or fake tan? It is a look, a way to express oneself. Somebody's appearance has nothing to do with their IQ. Don't be so quick to judge.

Anyway: have a couple more pictures:

Jess xx

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  1. Such cool hair! I used to have short and wild hair and once I started growing it out was when I decided to go vintage.