Monday, 24 June 2013

Not so vintage

What I'm wearing:
Jeans (yes, actual jeans!) - hand-me-downs
Jumper - H&M (on sale for £3 in the children's section - the boy's clothes still fit me!)

 As you probably know quite well by now, I love to dance. Swing dancing is a particular passion of mine, and for the past couple of weeks, I have been unable to go. Why is that, may you ask? Because I may have broken my foot. It's really not as serious as it sounds - the problem is most likely a stress fracture - but it is still a bit of a pain (literally...). I haven't been having a great couple of weeks, either, but hopefully things are changing, and I am looking forward to a holiday coming up in a couple of weeks.

I have also found that I am a little more interested in mixing up my style a bit. I won't be posting wholly vintage outfits right now, because I don't feel like dressing in wholly and accurately vintage outfits. It is important to be comfortable in your own skin, and I've reached a point where I feel I need a couple of nice jumpers and the odd day when I can wear jeans and sit in the coffee shop with my crossword and a hot chocolate! I'm getting another haircut soon, and am thinking of doing something a bit wacky, so keep an eye out!

In the few weeks since I have last posted, I have finished the first series of 'Hannibal', which I thought to be absolutely astounding. I will definitely be re-watching the whole thing again soon. It introduced me to the books by Thomas Harris. 'Hannibal' was by far my favourite, and I found the final part of the novel utterly gripping. I finished the book and just sat there for about 20 minutes, not quite sure what to do with myself.

But with any good television show comes a handsome villain, and in 'Hannibal's' case, a true homme fatale in the form of Mads Mikkelsen. Thorough Mikkelsen I have become interested in Danish films, and Scandinavian culture. My current reading surrounds the Danish monarchy in the 18th century, particularly King Christian VII, his wife Caroline Mathilde, and the royal physician and Caroline's lover, Johann Friedrick Struensee. Their story is a fascinating one, and the book I am currently reading, The Lost Queen by Norah Lofts, does not quite do it justice. You should definitely watch 'A Royal Affair' (yes, Mads Mikkelsen is in it...) and read The Visit of the Royal Physician by Swedish writer Per Olov Enquist. I find it to be a very interesting story indeed.
Here's the trailer for the film, although it doesn't quite do it justice; the trailer focuses very much on the Struensee-Caroline affair, whereas the film is more inclusive of Christian and other goings-on around this remarkable period:

I have also become interested in Scandinavian cuisine, so expect some photos of some culinary attempts soon! I am still aiming to cook my way through the Hannibal series, although I am having a little trouble locating some lungs to make sausages/bourguignon...
The latest thing I have made is Janice Poon's pork loin with french beans and a cumberland sauce. Unfortunately, I served up at 10pm so the photo quality is atrocious. It was a great success, though, so I'm hoping to make it again and do it some better photographic justice!
 What else have I been up to? Working, something that I don't particularly like doing; drinking whiskey, something that I enjoy a lot; and eating lots of Smørrebrød.

Some other jumpers I bought today - left, from the children's section of H&M for £3, and right, from the retro charity shop Really Me, £6
I found this for a whole 55p in the charity shop and plan to make it over the course of the week. I love the Vasa and visited it two years ago - expect a nostalgic look back to Sweden soon!

Jess xx


  1. As much as I love dressing in vintage stye every day, I too wouldn't turn down a cosy knitted jumper. It's pretty dreary weather where I am now so I might go hunting for one later today!

    Out of interest, did you start swing dancing lessons as an absolute beginner? It's something I'm trying to build up the confidence to do, especially as I don't have any friends interested in it as well. Have you learnt any other styles of dance?


    1. I was an absolute beginner, and I started knowing absolutely no-one there, but made friends very quickly. It took a lot of confidence to get myself to go, but I'm so glad I did. The first week was quite hard, as I had to learn footwork and dance moves, so I'd recommend buying a set of classes if you can, so you won't chicken out and have to do the full lot. By the time you finish 4 or 5 classes you'll be hooked! Practice your footwork whenever you can, at the bus stop, at your desk, when you're waiting for the kettle to boil - and you'll find yourself really comfortable with it in no time.
      I've learnt swing and jive, and also charleston at the same class. I used to do ballet and tap when I was really small, but other than that I can't do any kind of proper dancing!
      Hope this helps!
      Jess xx