Thursday, 21 March 2013

Outfit Rotation

When people see me once a week at dance, for example, the general consensus is that I have a large and diverse wardrobe of garments ranging in style through half a century. In the day-to-day, however, particularly when I am at university, I don't often have the time to be as creative as I can be when going out for the evenings, and often wear the same clothes in rotation. To show you what I mean, and how easy it can be to do, this is what I have been wearing over the past week:
Necklace: charity shop
Headscarf: jumble sale
Skirt: charity shop
Rucksack satchel: Ebay
Jumper: charity shop
Cardigan: charity shop
(I wore the cardigan because it has daffodils on it and I decided to celebrate the first day of Spring)
Cardigan: charity shop
BOOK - 'THE UNCOMMON READER' by Alan Bennett (read it! It is fantastic!)

All of my outifts here have revolved around the same one t-shirt (I was trying to get as much wear of it as I could before returning it to my sister, from whom it was borrowed!), and two skirts.

What else have I been getting up to of late, you may well ask. Yesterday I went along to the 'Milton-athon' - a day long reading of John Milton's 'Paradise Lost'. Hosted by RHUL lecturer Dr. Eric Langley, it was a shared reading which went from 10am-6pm. In order to read an extract, you had to be given the apple (or, perhaps I should say, the Fruit Forbidden). There was also wine and 'Just Heaven' fruit juice, which was all very fitting indeed. Unfortunately I could not stay for the whole reading, and so spent most of today catching up. I am exhausted but I have finally read 'Paradise Lost' from cover to cover (although not chronologically!) I have now read 30 and a half books thus far this year, eight of those in the past two weeks, and can't wait to start on the next one.

Finally, I have been listening -utterly spellbound - to Radio 4 Extra's production of Neil Gaiman's novel 'Neverwhere'. The very nice people manning @BBCRadio4Extra's twitter have told me that the first episode of it will be available to download as a podcast. You can download and listen to it all here.

Au revoir all, I hope you're all looking forward to the weekend...
Jess xx

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  1. It's hard to pick a favorite outfit since I love stripes so much, but I do adore that last look! You look terrific!!!