Friday, 25 January 2013

My hair through the ages (well, 2012...)

A couple of days ago, I dyed my hair a really dark black/brown. I thought that it was time for a change! In the past year of my 1940s obsession, I have been brunette, red, ginger, very briefly blonde, yellow, and a very bright shade of orange. Take a look at my evolving style through the past year.

January 2012 - brunette:

February 2012:

March 2012:

June 2012 - the beginnings of red:

September 2012:

October 2012 brought with it a new haircut and a fringe!:

November started off with red-brown hair, but I finally gathered the courage to go ginger!

December brought a brief interlude of blonde, and then a rather bright shade of orange followed for Christmas and into the new year:

January 2013:

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  1. I LOVE the bright orange when its ironed. Great colours. Im dying to go cherry red